FYROM Client Come To Visit Pellet Line

FYROM client came our factory in May, and ordered 1ton wood pellet production line from us.
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FYROM Client Come To Visit Pellet Line

 Wood Pellet Production Line 

Process of production line including the following main machine:

Part A:Crushing
When the diameter of your material exceed 5MM, then we need one set Crusher/Hammer mill to grind it into samll powder for supporting produce good pellets. 

Part B:Drying
Our Rotary Dryer is made up of Stove and Main Rotary Dryer, which can realize that to reduce the moisture from higher to lower. The stove can be dried with materials of sawdust, wood, coal, which can save electricity consumption largely.
Our Rotary Dryer is specially designed for the purpose of energy saving , the outside of the dryer is covered with special cotton material sheet to prevent the heat outrunning.

Part C:Pelletizing
HSKLN Wood Pellet Mill is sepecialized designed for producing wood pellets. It working with rotating roller and stationary die working principle. It is different from the pellet machine which is working with rotating die and stationary roller. So when purchased the machine to make wood pellets, please consider it carefully. Becasue the machine control the the pellet capacity and the pellet quality. Please consider carefully. ^_^

Part D:Cooling
After the pelletizing process, the temperature of the wood pellet is have some tempreture. Thus, for better storing the pellets, the Cooler is your best choosing.

Part E:Packing
we will install the packing process as your demande. It is OK that if you need it or not. In a word, we do everything which is usefull and good for you. We won't force you to buy any extra un-usefull parts. 

Note:during the complete wood pellet production line, the dusk filtering is one heavy and important task. We assemble the common Dusk Collector (know as cyclone) and impulse Dust Filter, for the exhausting air, we use Water Film Dust Collector to get to the free dust situation in the process of Drying and cooling for which generate plenty of dust in the working time.

If you want to know much more details information about our production line, please don't hesitatet to contact me when you feel free. I am still online for supporting.

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